Nightly ritual

The following is (sadly) our current usual bedtime routine…

6:30pm – I’m gonna get these kids to sleep and get some s**t accomplished tonight!

7:00pm – Yes! One down, one to go.

7:30pm – Go to sleep Jameson, Mommy needs to get some stuff done tonight.

8:00pm – Go to sleep Jameson, Mommy really has a lot to do.

8:30pm – Go to effing sleep Jameson. Seriously.

9:30pm – FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CHILD, WHY WON’T YOU GO TO SLEEP?!? I’m going to go insane if you aren’t asleep soon.

9:45pm – I think he’s asleep, but now my motivation is completely gone.

10:00pm – Eff it. Ice cream and a movie it is.

Every. Single. Night.

How do you handle bedtime at your house?


2 thoughts on “Nightly ritual

  1. Tracy Kramer Longano says:

    You ask how we handle bed time in our house? My response, the exact same way:) You are not alone and I too have a sink full of dirty dishes, a dish washer that needs unloading, a pile of wrinkled clothes that needs to be folder, a dryer full of wrinkled clean clothes and a washer full of wet clothes that tomorrow I’m going to have to rewash because I was too tired to switch anything over after I too lost my motivation. I think there is a motivation thief that goes around stealing mommies motivation.

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