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A letter to my unborn son

(This letter was originally posted to my personal Facebook page, the day before my youngest son was born. I was preeclamptic and reaching the point where I would no longer be healthy enough to deliver at home as planned. My midwife had informed me that at my next appointment, scheduled for 9am on May 25, 2011, we would need to begin natural induction methods. As a staunch believer in “baby comes when baby’s ready”, this was devastating news. 

Resigned and trusting in my midwife fully, I penned this letter. The night of May 24, 2011 I said prayers for a healthy outcome, enjoyed television with Jason, and trotted off to bed shortly after 11pm. My water broke as I was getting into bed, and Jameson was born 2 hours, 11 minutes later at 1:21am in that very bed, just as we wanted.)

Sweet Jameson,

For forty weeks now Mommy has carried you in her belly, a privilege Mommy has thanked God for every single day. But, like your brother before you, you are starting to make Mommy sick and we need you to come out. It’s not your fault, just like it wasn’t Big Brother’s fault. Some mommies can’t stay pregnant and healthy as long as others, and your mommy is one of those that can’t. Mommy is old, and her body is just not as strong as it should be.

Sweetheart, you ARE strong and healthy – stronger and healthier than even your brother was when he came out to meet us. I know you are happy in there, but it’s time for you to come out so we can see your sweet face and kiss your sweet lips. Your Daddy wants to hold you so bad! And Mommy and Daddy both want to be able to have you at home, where you will spend your days being loved by us.

Baby, if you don’t start to come by tomorrow, Mommy will have to start doing things to help you come sooner – something Mommy really really really doesn’t want to do. Mommy wants you to come when you decide, but Mommy needs you to come now. So please, Sweet Baby J, please – push your magic button and start to come out.

We are ready baby, and so are you. I love you so much.